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By design, RF workouts are scientifically proven to deliver the very best RESULTS! Accelerate fat loss, build strength, alleviate aches and pains, enhance mobility, boost energy, increase confidence, improve bone health, prevent chronic disease and of course, unleash your healthiest self!


Experience the highest level of 1:1 coaching and individualized exercise programs designed to for your individual needs and goals! With Personal Training, the focus is solely on YOU so you can perfect each exercise, be appropriately challenged based on your fitness level and receive the most precise level of coaching to achieve the MOST effective results! These sessions are optimal if you require modifications, are limited in what you can do or desire to maximize the level of intensity in your workout programs! Your progress is systematically tracked each session to measure your results. Personal Training gives you access to all the “fitness toys” and equipment not available Interal Class or Small Group Personal Training.


Our most popular training program. Reap the benefits of personal training for a fraction of the cost in an intimate setting (limited to 8). Work 1:1 with an RF coach and get the personalized coaching you need for the most effective workout and results! Every workout is customized to your fitness level, how you want to be challenged plus the ability to work around any injury or movement limitation. Small Group Personal Training accelerates fat loss, tones and transforms your body, makes you stronger, and helps you move better! Not only do these sessions allow the coaches to systematically track your progress, they also give you access to all “fitness toys” and equipment not available in Interval Classes so you always have what you personally need!


Welcome to the fitness party! HIIT-style workouts pairing rapid fire movement with minimal recovery. Interval classes fuse together high intensity cardio-based exercises with bodyweight and kettlebell strength training. By design, this combination delivers a work-to-rest ratio so you burn more calories in less time. Experience a total body conditioning workout engaging every major muscle group from head to toe, while feeding off the infectious energy of a large group (up to 24 Warriors).

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