Nutrition & Accountability Coaching Program


Do you know what you should be eating but just aren’t taking action? Are you constantly ‘eating better’ then falling off? Frustrated because you’re not seeing results? Unsure how to eat for your goals?

Welcome to our Nutrition Coaching & Accountability Program: a fully customized, 1:1 coaching program to create transformational changes in your nutrition, health and wellness. By working with our certified nutrition coach, you learn how to create and sustain transformational changes in your relationship with food. This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle:

  • STOP GUESSING! The most common struggle around ‘eating better’ is knowing what to eat / how to ‘eat healthy’. No more guessing what to eat or how much to get results. Learn exactly what you need to feel your best and hit your goals!

  • MORE ACTION! The second most common struggle is actually doing it. No more “I’m too busy” or eating better then falling off. Your coach = your very own personal concierge to nip excuses in the bud, keep you consistent, committed to your goals, and doing what you said you would.

  • GET WHAT YOU NEED! The third most common struggle is following the ‘one size fits all’ approach. If you struggle to make changes and get results, you’re likely following a cookie-cutter diet or nutrition program. The best, most effective nurition strategy is tailored to YOU: your goals, lifestyle, history, and personal preferences. Less dieting, more living!


(1) STRATEGY SESSION: How your coach learns all about you and sets you up for success!

(3) COACHING SESSIONS: Every 4 weeks, meeting 1:1 with your coach for 30 minutes of personalized support and accountability (in studio or via Zoom).

(4) INBODY ANALYSIS, MEASUREMENTS + PROGRESS PHOTOS: Every 4 weeks, meet 1:1 with your coach to assess progress (in studio or via Zoom).

PERSONALIZED PLAN: Fully customized 12-week nutrition plan based on a thorough analysis of your goals, lifestyle and personal preferences so you get the very best results!

DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY: Daily tracking of habits and food logs so your coach can keep you accountable.

WEEKLY COACHING CHECK-INS: Formal check-in’s from your coach so you stay consistent and on track.

WEEKLY WEIGH-INS: Tool for assessing and modify your nutrition plan as needed.

UNLIMITED ACCESS TO YOUR COACH for extreme accountability! Connect with your coach via email anytime you have a question, concern or need a pep talk!

QUICK + EASY RECIPES: Our exclusive, RF cookbook full of quick, easy to follow recipes to make eating healthy taste good for the whole family! NO cooking experience required!

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