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trial month to decide if we’re the perfect fit for YOU!


This is your personalized get back on track post pandemic strategy for living healthy, happy + strong!






Regardless of where you stood mentally and physically pre-pandemic, we are here to pull you out of the “oh, no I fell off the wagon” mentality.

It’s time to take charge of your fitness, be healthier and feel stronger! No commitments. No membership. Just your positive attitude and open mind to have fun, sweat a little and live a healthier life!

It doesn’t matter your age or fitness level. Get the personalized coaching you need in safe, FUN and thoughtfully designed exercise programs. Our 30 Day Kickstart lets you try us and decide if we’re the perfect fit for you!

**If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back, guaranteed**

Let’s normalize life again, feel GOOD, regain control, and stop making excuses. Yes, life is different nowadays BUT you can workout during a pandemic. You can feel strong and confident, and you need to take care of yourself and be healthy. This is when being active and healthy counts the most!

We are 100% confident this community and these workouts will deliver exactly what your mind and body need to feel your very best!


Strategy Session:

This is your starting point for living healthy, happy and strong. Meet your biggest cheerleaders, tour our playground and spend quality time with your RF team to learn how we are going to help you achieve your personal goals, stay accountable, have FUN, and feel your best! This is where the magic begins so you know exactly what to expect and how to succeed!

(4) Semi-Private Training Sessions: 

Work 1:1 with your coach in a small group (up to 6 Warriors) and receive the personalization YOU need to get the very best results. These workouts formulate the basis for transforming your body and feeling your strongest, most confident self! Every workout is tailored to your fitness level with a hefty focus on teaching you the proper way to exercise safely.

(12) Group Training Sessions:

Challenge your body in high energy, interval-based sweat sessions for the ultimate total body workout! Feed off the infectious energy of a large group – up to 24 Warriors – while working every major muscle group. These sessions pair rapid-fire movement with minimal recovery so you can get your heart pumping and push yourself to new limits!

Here’s what you can expect from our super FUN, effective and sweaty kickstart:

  • GET FIT, BURN FAT, LOSE WEIGHT: Stop guessing on what you should be doing. Let our coaches do the thinking for you!

  • RESULTS! Transform how you look, feel and live with the #1 gym voted gym in Cleveland!

  • FUN + COMMUNITY: Surround yourself with humans who will love you to sweaty pieces and genuinely care about you and your success

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Working out at home feels hard. Belong to a community and be held accountable every step of the way so you always show up!

  • THE MOST EFFECTIVE WORKOUT IN 45 MINUTES: Give your body exactly what it needs to look and feel its best in less than one hour.

  • PERSONALIZED COACHING: Work 1:1 with your coach and finally love your workouts, feel confident with what you’re doing and exercise the right way without getting hurt!

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING + FITNESSING: Our standards of safety for keeping YOU safe and the RF playground clean. Enjoy your very own mini gym plus NO equipment sharing. Did we mention the gym, common areas and bathrooms are being disinfected every 45 minutes? We’re like the coolest Pit Crew ever!

Not a fan of how impersonal + intimidating typical gyms can feel? Neither are we!

Coach Josh started Results Fitness six years ago because he didn’t like what was out there knowing people like you need MORE: more coaching, more accountability and more customization.

Results Fitness isn’t your run of the mill gym – it’s a community. Living with results means transforming the way you look, feel + live in a fun, safe + nurturing environment!  If you’re tired of joining gyms, but ready to belong to an inclusive community, it’s time to live with Results Fitness!

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