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Meet our Team

Josh M. Mekota, CSCS || Founder & Director of Training

Josh passionately believes everyone should be living their best life and has dedicated his career to helping others unlock their full potential.  For over a decade, Josh has helped clients take control of their lives through education and proper training, so they feel empowered to get better each day.  When it comes to sustainable success and lifelong happiness, Josh firmly believes having fun (and being a little weird) is key.  As a graduate of Miami of Ohio with a degree in Exercise Science, Josh received his professional certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Matthias Breon || Performance Coach & Nutrition Sherpa

Matthias Breon, a graduate of The National Personal Training Institute of Ohio, has dedicated his life to helping others become the best version of themselves. Once an outcast and forever a nerd, Matthias believes that everyone deserves a space to challenge their conceptions about fitness and nutrition and to build a kick ass body with others who truly care about their success. Matthias, who holds a nutrition coaching certification with Precision Nutrition, seeks to empower each member with the knowledge and guidance needed to achieve success in both the gym and kitchen.